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Our Vision

You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again.

You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life

-Joan Miro


Our Vision

Behind every wedding is a story. It is our vision to capture that story, staying true to the mood and individuality of each wedding we are privileged to be a part of. We know that the images we capture transform into the memories you will cherish for a lifetime. Unforeseen elements might occur at any wedding, but our ability to adapt quickly and take charge when necessary are skills we have honed through years of practice. Most importantly, we want to ensure that the bride and groom are having the time of their lives. Take the time on our page to examine the photographs we are so proud to display. Whether candid or staged, it is our joy to create timeless, beautiful images as we share your special day with you.

About Brian & Ilona

Brian, the techy guy he is, was first among his peers to use a digital camera and it was life-changing. Brian studied cinematography at Columbia College Chicago, which led him to his first wedding gig. It was a natural transition which he welcomed. Over a decade later with more than 200 weddings under his belt, Brian continues to shoot weddings professionally, which also allows him the time to travel and photograph landscapes all over the world.

Brian met Ilona in 2009. Both world travelers with easy-going personalities and a zest for life, they fell in love and their own adventure began. It wasn’t long before they got married and moved from Chicago to sunny California. Ilona had just finished her BA in Cultural Anthropology while studying photography. Both with a natural eye for design, the two decided to merge their passions together. They created zBooth, a Photo Booth company. After realizing how well they work together, they decided to channel their energies into Barnhart.Photography, a company that showcases their talent and encompasses their passion for all things photography.